Introducing: Fenix OS

We have something very special for you.
Just earlier this year, the UNIX operating system celebrated its 50th birthday.

From the beginning, UNIX has been associated with hacker culture, and to continue that tradition, we have created a new UNIX Operating System, from scratch.

This system is called Fenix, and is a fairly complete UNIX kernel.
Fenix runs on our new hardware platform, the Femtium Architecture.

Getting Started

So, you want to have a look at Fenix and uncover its secrets.
But you don't have a physical machine that packs the Femtium Architecture?

No worries.

We've made it nice and easy to get started. All you need to do is download the package linked below. Then follow the included README.txt file. Good luck!
Download Fenix
Or maybe you'd prefer a smoother start, where you can get going without installing any Virtual Machines and such.

We understand your wish to get started ASAP.

That's why we've prepared some intro challenges to get you in the right mood - before you dive into Fenix.

Click the link below to check them out.
Show Intro Challenges

Accessing the Challenge Scoreboard

The Capture The Flag Scoreboard can be found at the following Onion address:


To access Onion services, you must use the Tor network.
The easiest way to do this is to download the Tor browser and using that to access the above URL.

Intro Challenges


Alright. Let's warm up with some classic logic and integer-based amusement.

One of our sources managed to get us this weird script.
It looks like they are encoding secret information into the puzzles, but we're not sure how. We need you to take a look at this.

Could you go ahead and solve them all? There's 40 of them, though, so you might want to use something a little more advanced than pen and paper.


Our reconnaissance team found a service that's handing out a free flag!
However, they were disrupted by a hostile actor and failed to retrieve the complete flag.

Maybe you can do better?

Gear up and investigate the problem. We recommend bringing along a shark or something similar.

$ nc 1337

Cyber Missile Commander

Looks like you're ready to dip your toe in some deeper waters.

The attached .apk file is an early prototype of a mobile Cyber Weapon platform we were working on.
However, the source ended up in the hands of a rogue agent and has been modified in some way.

The app still uses our 1FA system, that can be found in the FENIX OS, so that should get you into the app to investigate.

You need to figure out what the app is hiding.